We caught up with Birmingham based model, Arrahnne, to talk about all things self confidence. Going into this project we initially had the plan to discuss how she had discovered her confidence and subsequently started modelling. However, the reality of it is that although she had come along way she was still a work in progress.


– Photos by Ryga Photography

It was an honour to have such a beautifully vulnerable interview. Very early on she defined self confidence as “Not giving a sh** what people think.” This holds so much truth. We are essentially born confident but as we grow the potential of someone holding a negative opinion about us causes us to retract and hold back aspects of our true selves. It’s a natural defence mechanism to retract but it often has counter intuitive consequences. Instead of serving to protect our psyches, it instead causes us to miss out on the joys of human connection and the magic on the other side of vulnerability.

The discussion also touches on the struggle of growing up with black hair, the negative impact of social media, whether or not the modelling industry embraces people of colour, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy the first in our stories series and take a positive message from it.

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