I was listening to ‘Fly Trap’ by Angel Haze and contemplating the power of the simple question she poses in one of the verses… “Who would you be if nobody was watching?” In Japanese culture it is said that we have three faces – the face you show to the world, the face you show to your close friends and family, and the face you never show anyone.

How much of ourselves do we hide for fear of rejection, failure, or whatever other fear it might be?

In the song Angel Haze makes the admission, “I think what’s been killing me most, is not makin’ no honest decisions, about who I am, about who I wanna be…” It can be so challenging to figure out who you are and a large part of that is because we feel that somehow we have to reconcile who we want to be against who the world expects us to be. If we took a moment to be honest with ourselves, absent from the external noise, perhaps we’d make different decisions that better accommodate the people we are.

On the topic of fear Angel Haze also states, “I been believin’ the sh** out my fears; gotta get back to this sh** near my ribs.” Perhaps, that’s the most interesting thing about a lot of our fears. On a rational level we know that we’d be ok engaging them but there’s something often ellusive that prevents us from confronting them.

So in summary what I’ve taken from this song is, let go of your fears, pursue the things your heart longs for, and don’t be afraid to express the person you know you are in your heart.

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