Happy New Year! I’d like to tell you about the importance of milestones in calibrating where you’re going relative to where you’ve been. It’s that time of year whereby you’re hearing phrases such as new year new me and people are talking about New Years resolutions. Some are like it’s a waste of time while others at least give them a shot. Now, If you look at what resolutions really are they are goals and I’ll get on to that in a moment. But in terms of milestones the new year provides the perfect point of reference to take stock of the past 12 months whilst setting out what you want to achieve during the course of the year ahead.

So there are two key reasons you want to take the time to reflect which is something a lot of us often neglect in the context of our busy lives. Firstly is to measure progress as what can often happen is we can go through life feeling as though we’re stagnating when in fact in taking that moment we can realise just how much we’ve grown. Secondly is to appreciate your accomplishments, the things you’re grateful for and the things that make you happy. But you know what if it wasn’t the best of years then it’s also an opportunity to ask yourself why and decide on the changes you can implement in your life in order to rectify that.

So in terms of setting goals, as people we thrive on having something to work towards. the key is to keep things realistic and remember that a lot of change is incremental and therefore you may not see life changing results immediately but when measured over a period of time the difference is clear. To draw a quick parallel and put that into perspective, in order to lose 2lbs in a week that’s essentially a quarter of a pound a day, I mean is the needle on your scale necessarily going to show that?

So what do you need to take from this? Milestones provide opportunities to recognise our progress in the journey of life, whilst allowing us to see we’re on the right path and calibrate our course. So take a moment to reflect, set your goals and most importantly keep on going!

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