After being vegan for 8 years and experiencing a slow decline in his health, music producer Innovance decided to take action and tried the carnivore diet. While on his plant based diet he became fruitarian thinking he’d be fixing health problems that had been arising during his vegan diet but it wasn’t to be. In this clip we also discuss the importance of finding the right way of eating for your body. Vegan isn’t going to be for everybody, neither is carnivore, the best thing is to figure out what works with your body.

This is a snippet taken from episode 3 of the B-U Find Your Greatness Podcast. You can listen to and download the full episode of the audio podcast below where we also discuss the curse of talent, growing up being different, the problem with vegan YouTubers, and how 8 years on the vegan diet almost cost him his life. and more.

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