Aristotle Onassis once said…

“It’s during our darkest moments that we must focus on the light.”

This quote is highly pertinent to the world right now. With everything going on, one might say we are living through dark times. Not only because of COVID-19, but because of all of the racial tension. On top of that we also have the the greed of those in power resulting in inadequate distribution of opportunities, land, food, wealth… etc.

We are living with unrealistic beauty standards, making men and woman go crazy for plastic surgeries, taking on painful and dangerous procedures to look less and less like their true selves.

The lying, the cheating, the backstabbing, hurting each other the list goes on, and on, and on.

We live in a world where the reason for our getting excited is lost as early as between ages 5 – 8. We are preoccupied with our fights with our spouses, our insecurities, worrying about our own and our children’s future.

We always look for the things we don’t have, and forget the things we do have…

I read once that the most common regrets dying people have are: not being happy or happier, not keeping more in touch with family and friends, working so hard without making time to enjoy life and not being true to themselves by being affected by others (caring too much about what people think).

We need to understand the true meaning of life and not get confused by the mainstream media, by the fear and hate being projected, by people or by social media. The worst thing that can happen to us as humans, is to regret and not be able to go back to fix or live the life we wanted.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Dalai Lama

What we need to understand is that life is about finding what makes us HAPPY and what brings JOY to our lives! Then when we find it and reach this phase, we need to give back and give more. We must realize true life is about discovering yourself, your passions, taking care of yourself and finding the balance between being easy on yourself, and disciplining yourself. It’s about treating yourself as a lover or best friend. Not crushing your soul because of mainstream Media or PEOPLE. Don’t convince yourself you are less, not enough, or short of whatever the weird new thing is. You are you, and that IS enough!!!

In the end we are all one – Human. I can’t believe even after COVID-19 (proving this) some people are still racist. Seriously?! What is wrong with people? If we should take one thing from experiencing this pandemic, it’s that WE ARE ALL ONE. We are all connected, we all get sick the same way, panic the same way, our body’s defence mechanism is the same, we die the same.

Please let’s live a life full of happiness, joy, love and acceptance. Let us discover the true reason why we are on this planet; and get rid of all these weird (negative) beliefs, superiority complexes and greedy ways.

I really think, the key for living our best lives as humans and for the sake of this planet, is to start thinking about others. If we start to do this there will be less (or no) wars, hunger, poverty, negativity, racial tensions or even climate change.

Please try to live the true life, not this weird messed up version of so-called life.

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I am a dentist by degree and an entrepreneur, happiness seeker, Trying to connect the dots to understand the meaning of life.
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